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Bumble Bee Removal 

Bumble Bees are rounder and fuzzier than their Honey Bee Cousins, they also have no distinction between their head and abdomen. Bumble Bees pollinate different flowers and crops than Honey Bees, making them a valuable resource for our planet and food supplies. 

Bumble Bees live in nests, rather than hives and only the queen survives the winter, making their nests, much more fragile than hives.

Great care should be taken to move and relocate the nest to a safe and quiet location near appropriate food sources so that they can continue to give us beautiful flowers, yummy berries, and healthy salads.

Our price for Bumble Bee removal includes relocation, and cleaning and any repair needed, without the use of any pesticides.

Image by Carolien van Oijen
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