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Carpenter Bee Treatment and Prevention

  Carpenter Bees are similar to size to Bumble Bees, but unlike Honey Bees and Bumble Bees, they are a solid color of black, green, or purplish. Like Honey Bees, they have a distinct thorax and abdomen. They are also important pollinators for our ecosystem.

  Carpenter Bees are solitary bees, that chew tunnels in untreated and damaged wood. The female will make tunnels with many chambers in them to lay her eggs. She collects piles of pollen to lay her eggs on, sealing each chamber with woodchips. It takes three months for an egg to become an adult.

  To prevent damage to your home it is important to do preventative maintenance to your home, replacing damaged wood and applying a sealer or paint to wood structures.

  To Treat an established infestation it is important to not only get rid of the bees but to also fix the structure.

  At Bees Evictions, we are able to rid you of your bee problem without pesticides, but also do structural repairs to your home or business. Our price will depend on where it is located in your home and business and a complete inspection.

Swarm of Bees
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