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At Bees Evictions, we believe that hard work ensures the best and fastest service. We provide you with the most suitable and highest solutions for your needs with a professional estimation.

About Us

We offer bee and wasp removal for homes and businesses in the Bay Area. We also clean and restore property damaged by them and offer preventive work, such as replacing damaged wood and applying sealers. We pride ourselves on the live removal and relocation of bees without the use of pesticides and vacuums. We are fully insured and licensed through our parent company ECO 20/20, which allows us to repair your structures without the need for an outside contractor.


Our Mission

Our Commitments and Mission

At Bees Evictions, it is our mission to provide you with one of a kind personal bee and wasp removal service to your Bay area home or business. We aim to earn your trust through our commitment to getting the job done right the first time, our outstanding work ethic, and our pledge to the values of family, community, and the environment. Furthermore, we are committed to diversity and inclusion, after all, bees don’t discriminate, so why would we.

Honey Bees and Hive Removal and Relocation

Removal of Honey Bees from the walls, vents, attic, other areas inside your property. Removal of the nest, honey, wax, and larve left behind by the Honey Bees to prevent another nest forming or other pests being attracted to the area. Repair of damage done due to the infestation.

Structural Yellow Jacket Removal


Removal and repair of yellow Jackets and their nests from inside the walls, attic, or other areas inside your property.

Bee Infestation prevention


Inspection of property to discover any entry points into the structure as well as the repair of the entry points.

Carpenter Bee Removal


Removal of carpenter bees and repair of the holes made by them. Can include prevention and additional repair to eaves of the property


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